Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Just Can't Handle It

Democrats lost--BIG. But they can't handle it. They don't believe the American people "dumped them" and all their "good works." They don't understand that their "good works" involved STEALING from the producer of new wealth for the benefit of those lazy fools who just want to live, as much as possible, at the expense of others. They don't understand that the American people are TIRED of being LOOTED, at every turn, by the liberal bandits who use "good-sounding words" to try and convince them this is how it was meant to be. Bill Clinton, for example, blames Hillary's loss on "angry white men" and the "e-mail scandal" for her loss

That completely discounts the fact that there is good reason for EVERYBODY: white men, black men, and women of all races in America, to be "angry." And, regarding the e-mail scandal, if Hillary hadn't done what she did, there wouldn't BE an "e-mail scandal." They lost at every turn: the primaries, that they "fixed" so, no matter how many primaries Bernie won, she walked off with the most delegates, to the general election, where she AGAIN lost the election. Then she tried subverting the Electoral College and lost AGAIN. And they still can't figure out why--and they never will, because liberals are a "special kind of stupid" and believe they have a "divine right" to :"rule" us. (Just common sense)

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