Thursday, December 22, 2016

No Charges for Trying

Nowhere can there be any charges be found for people who apply to buy firearms when they're prohibited from doing so by law, as a rule. And they don't even notify their potential victims they have tried. All gun buyers must fill out Form 4473 certifying they are eligible to buy a gun when trying to buy a gun, and lying on that form is a federal crime. But is usually not pursued by the "authorities" in most cases. Just the attempt to buy a gun for such people makes them dangerous to their potential victims, and their attempted purchase SHOULD be followed up by the cops because, if they can't buy one legally, they'll go next to the "back alley gun dealer" who doesn't CARE if they're legally banned, and their potential victims SHOULD be advised, so they can plan accordingly. But, like the laws requiring longer prison sentences for criminals using guns in their crimes that are commonly "waived" to get convictions in other crimes, there is a certain LACK of enforcement of important laws regarding guns. They pass many laws to "stem gun violence," but often don't enforce any of them. (King 5)

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