Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Chicago Punchline

Attempts at gun control have failed so miserably that Chicago gun control is a "punchline" for comedians. It has failed so badly that they have plows working day and night to scrape up all the brass left from various gunfights in the city. Chicago leads the nation in "gun deaths," even though it has the tightest "gun laws" in the land. It's a prime example of the futility of the laws the anti-gun fools pass in their feeble attempts to "stem gun violence." Chicago's mayor, Rahm Emanuel (formerly Obama's chief of staff) confidently assures illegal aliens that they're "safe in Chicago" because it is a "sanctuary city." What he doesn't mention is that they are much more likely to be killed by a stray OR aimed bullet than anywhere else in the nation. Chicago is a "war zone." There is more shooting there than IN a war zone. It's so bad that spent shells are piled some places knee-deep. But do anti-gun fools take note of that? Not a chance. They don't have the intelligence. (Bearing Arms)

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