Sunday, December 11, 2016

It Ain't Always Murder

Anti-gun fools (in Indianapolis, at least) are including self-defense shootings and suicides in the "gun violence" rates cited. This is so typical of the way they twist real facts to promote their efforts to deny Americans their constitutional right to bear arms in self defense. They cite raw figures and claim that they're all murder, when some are really self-defense shootings or simply suicides. There are many other ways in which they twist facts to suit their narrative. You can't depend on ANY of their figures because truth means nothing to them. They CAN'T tell the truth, or they wouldn't have a movement. They tell you that a majority of Americans now favor gun control, when they DON'T. They sponsor phony "studies" that are supposed to prove their narrative when, if you look at the methodology, they don't. They have many "tricks" in their book, but that's ALL they have. Their entire movement is based on a fallacy: that it is possible to eliminate guns from the country--it is NOT. Even in the unlikely event they COULD, and DID eliminate all LEGAL guns in America, the criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists would just come in and kill more people with their ILLEGAL guns that they still seem able to get, no matter what. (Fox 59)

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