Wednesday, December 21, 2016

More "Fake News"

Put out by LIBERAL writers, and printed in liberal newspapers without ANY "fact-checking." "With all the headlines about “fake news,” the liberal media elite don’t have a perfect track record, either. Reporter Jayson Blair concocted stories for the New York Times back in 2003, while Stephen Glass fabricated numerous pieces for The New Republic in the late 1990s. To be sure, these were not deliberate efforts by the publications themselves to mislead readers, but frauds perpetrated by ambitious writers who sought an easy path to journalistic fame. The most notorious scam of this sort was the 1980 front-page Washington Post article by reporter Janet Cooke headlined “'Jimmy’s World: 8-Year-Old Heroin Addict Lives for a Fix.' The article was distributed by the Post’s syndication arm and re-printed in hundreds of local newspapers. The fraud was uncovered only when Cooke was awarded a Pulitzer Prize the following spring." Which also shows the lack of interest in fact checking by the Pulitzer Committee. This might have not been on purpose, but it reveals the sloppy way they have of making sure what they print is true. (News Busters)

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