Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Spreading "Fake News"

The liberals are making a "big thing" about "fighting fake news," while they, themselves spread it like manure on a corn field. Yahoo, which is run by liberals, did it with their story saying Hillary got more votes than EVER in the last election, which is a total LIE. It's yet again liberals accusing conservatives of the very things THEY are doing, every day. Now they've been :"found out," Yahoo has removed the piece, without apology or comment. It has just vanished, without a trace. But Blabber Buzz has a screenshot of it, if you'd like to see it. This should be a signal to thinking people to be very careful what you believe, after reading it in the liberal media. AND the "alternative media," as well. Not that they publish such drivel, but just to be SURE what you read, on both sides, is true. (Blabber Buzz)

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