Friday, December 2, 2016

"White Supremacist Equals Racist

To Democrats, the words mean the same thing. they're synonymous. EVERYTHING that opposes Obama or anything liberal is "racism," according to them. They have made the term WORTHLESS due to overuse. Obama told us if we elected him, it would END racism forever in this country, Instead, it has INCREASED it, and created a new form of racism, black against white racism, and that seems to be not only legal, it is APPROVED by his government. Obama CREATED this increase in racism by falsely calling EVERY opposition to his policies racism. In addition, he did everything he could to create black versus white racism. "Black Lives Matter" is his creation, and was DESIGNED to "whip up" hatred by blacks against whites, and help create a race war, from which Obama can benefit. It's the black version of the "Occupy" movement, which he also created. (Just common sense)

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