Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Roof Got His Gun Legally

Even though, in the State of S. Carolina, just being charged with a felony bars Dylan Roof (The Charleston mass murderer, recently convicted, who killed several people at one time) from such a purchase. He filled out the required federal form alleging he was leglly able to buy a gun, and the felony charge pending in court was not noted by those receiving the paperwork, so the background check passed. The dealer went ahead and sold him the gun, even though the case was still marked, "unresolved."A series of mistakes the NRA is NOT responsible for, as alleged by one writer, who was HIRED to present the anti-gun fool position. Most mass murderers simply get their guns ILLEGALLY (unless they have no record up to that time), but once in a while, one "falls through the cracks" because of inefficient, and incompetent bureaucrats running things. A law only works when people OBEY it, or others enforce it. (The Dana Show)

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