Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Businessman As President?

Is that really "unheard of," as liberals tell us? George Washington was a general, but only of necessity. Before that, he was a tobacco farmer and a surveyor. Millard Fillmore was in the cloth making business early in his life, so he was a businessman, too. Zachary Taylor was a "journalist," but previously was a planter and a war hero. What this shows is that presidents are commonly drawn from many different walks of life, INCLUDING business. Being a businessman, especially a very successful businessman, should not make a presidential candidate less than proper as presidential candidate. Neither should being a successful businessman be a bar to cabinet positions, as liberals (who are commonly "educators,") like to proclaim. They're deathly AFRAID of Donald Trump, because he is not your common politician, and has PROMISED to "drain the swamp" in DC. They know that means them, since they're the ones who MADE it a "swamp." (Just common sense)

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