Tuesday, December 6, 2016

They Have Nothing Else

So, as usual, they call us racists--without a scintilla of PROOF that we are. That's what the anti-gun fools are saying about the NRA. That ALL the members are racist. They can't come up with ANYTHING real to back what they're doing, so they fall back on that old "racist" BS. And BS is what it is, as it is every time a liberal says it. Ever since Obama was elected, he and other liberals holler "racist" every time they're opposed on ANYTHING. They never explain how, if this country is so damned racist, how a man who would RATHER be black even got elected, so he COULD blame everything on racism.. They might say white people were just afraid to be accused of racism, but that's BS too. They can't be "afraid" one minute, and full-blown, unafraid racists the next. They even have to go back and use a DEAD man as an example. A man who has been dead for many years. They say Trump "rode a crest of white, middle class anger" to the presidency, but it's actually PEOPLE"'S anger! White, black, Hispanic, and otherwise. All angry over being screwed over by their government for so many years, and they're TIRED of it!. (The Trace)

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