Sunday, December 4, 2016

Hillary Beat Herself

Mostly by her intemperate and stupid crack about Trump supporters (meaning anybody who didn't vote for her) are "deplorables." You don't insult the electorate and expect them to elect you to anything.She (and Obama) blame Fox News for her miserable failure to get elected in an election that was heavily fixed in her favor. But she didn't count on Republicans who hadn't voted in years (or EVER) "coming out of the woodwork" to vote for Trump. And why did that happen? Many reasons, including the fact that Americans were "fed up" with the "reaming" they were being given by Democrats. But also because Hillary was so confident that the fix was in that she INSULTED voters by calling Trump supporters (translation: anybody who didn't vote for her) "deplorables." That was an "uncalculated error" that angered ALL Americans and brought them out, in droves, Democrat or Republican, to "get rid of Hillary." They just don't understand that they "went too far" and Trump promised to reverse what they had done. So he got elected, and they're now engaged in "sour grapes" and trying their best to reverse the results of that election by any means necessary, from paid riots to recounts (which might net them TWO votes), to threatening the Electoral College members to frighten them into voting for her. Nothing they do is going to work, but it shows the character of the Democrat Party, which is now a small "coastal party." (Down Trend)

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