Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Media Turns Away

The anti-gun fools insist that legally armed citizens can't do anything to "stop gun violence," and they are helped immensely by the liberal media, which IGNORES cases where they DO, as much as they can. Or they cover those instances without mentioning the "concealed carrier" who "saved the day." The incident to which I refer here is typical. A cop had a perp get the better of him after a short chase following the perp trying to run the cop down on an accident scene. He had the cop down and was "beating the hell out of him," and trying to get his gun so as to kill him. The courageous armed citizen told him to stop or he'd shoot. He didn't. so the man shot him three times, after which he died, a fate he richly deserved. CNN didn't cover it at all. Washington Post did, but just barely. The same for the New York Times, which ran a very short piece on it, buried. This is common when a story doesn't fit their narrative. Only the "alternative media" covered this heroic act by a man who would rather not be identified in news reports because he doesn't consider himself a hero. But he is, and SOMEBODY needs to cover it. The liberal media won't. (America's First Freedom)

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