Monday, December 26, 2016

And CAIR Cares A Lot

CAIR says Trump's election has "caused psychological stress and mental health issues." Izzat so? And, of course, CAIR really cares a lot about that, don't they? They support Islamic terrorism, and that causes more stress and mental issues than anything. No, no, don't try to tell me they don't! I know better. As long as Obama is in power, CAIR won't be recognized as the Islamic terrorist supporter it is. But a new president is coming in, and that's going to be "bad news" for a lot of people, and CAIR is on that list. Another factor is just WHO are the people who are "suffering psychological stress and mental issues" over Trump's election? Liberal (Democrat) "snowflakes," that's who! Nobody with any INTELLIGENCE is "nervous" about Trump's election. It's ONLY liberal "snowflakes" who need special "safe places" where they won't be subjected to OPINIONS different from theirs. We, who are able to use our BRAINS have heaved a sign of relief that we will not be subjected to an administration determined to force us to do things we are absolutely AGAINST, while paying more and more taxes to support it, any more. (Just common sense)

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