Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Liberals Are Demented

I'm not talking about the "average American citizen" who calls him/herself liberal. They're just dupes who believe any stupid thing spouted by the "elite liberals" who think they have a "divine right" to run our lives, and nobody else should ever get a chance. The people who call Donald Trump a "Fascist" because he believes in FOLLOWING the Constitution and actually ENFORCING the law, as written, not deciding for himself what the legislators "meant." The people who compare Breitbart News to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) because they report the news HONESTLY, which usually hurts those liberal fools. Remember, it's not conservatives who had a REASON to murder Andrew Breitbart just before he was to release a story damaging to Democrats (liberals). The statements being made today about Donald Trump are DEMENTED, and are based entirely on :"sour grapes" because they LOST. They just can't handle losing, completely. They can't seem to comprehend that the American people are TIRED of being "ripped off" by their own government, at every turn, and DID something about it. They figure if they lose, it must have been by trickery and deceit, since that's how THEY win elections, and that's all they have experience with. (Just common sense)

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