Thursday, December 15, 2016

Backgound Checks, No School Shootings

That's what the anti-gun fools are saying, after a "study" provided by an outfit I will not name, because I don't have enough computer memory to do so becaue its name is so long. Even those involved with the study say they need much more information to confirm the announced "findings," But the anti-gun fools publish the "results" as if they were gospel. That's how they twist the facts to suit themselves. The researchers say this shows a "correlation," not a "causational relationship." What that means is background checks don't CAUSE a lack of school shootings, there is just a "correlation" between background checks and school shootings, which are defined as “an incident when a firearm was discharged inside a school building or on a school campus or grounds.” And they admit that there may have been more such shootings, not reported because nobody died. They also say that "these findings are PRELIMINARY and should not be considered definitive." But not to the anti-gun fools. They treat them as definitive, and release them as final. (LA Times)

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