Sunday, December 4, 2016

"Fear of Trump"

The anti-gun fools are stupid. They prove it every time they come out with an imaginary description of "gun nuts." Now they're saying it's "fear of Trump" that is spurring the increase in gun sales. They just don't have the brain power to understand that it is fear of ANTI-GUN FOOLS and their USELESS gun laws that spurs those sales! It's the fear of Islamic terrorists--that Obama is allowing in by the thousands, disguised as "refugees, some of whom have been raping and killing in other countries that accept them. Obama has PROMISED to use the last few weeks of his presidency to put tighter controls than ever on gun ownership and usage. Those who value their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own and use guns in self defense are afraid of THAT, not what a PRO-GUN Trump would do. That's typical of these fools: blame US for THEIR own ignorance! Yet those fools keep getting elected to positions where they can keep making their stupid laws while they blame US for their own stupidity. I would question their LOGIC in blaming Trump, if they HAD any. Liberals deny the very EXISTENCE of logic, AND reason. (Raw Story)

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