Thursday, December 15, 2016

Capitalism vs. Socialism

Rush did an item on his web site about capitalism vs. socialism, and it was "right on. He talked about putting two groups on an island; one capitalists, the other socialists, and see who would survive. They did that when they started the American Colonies. They sent a bunch of people to these shores with a plan giving each person a plot of land to work. Each one got a "share" of the proceeds, as the lazy ones figured out they would get the same as those who actually did all the work. There was a very small amount of produce, not nearly enough to support the colony. So a bunch of them, including the governor's wife, starved to death. So the governor changed things. They still all got a plot of land, but only got paid for what they PRODUCED. Profits immediately rose significantly, since more was produced. The colony not only survived, it PROSPERED. It learned a lesson socialists will NEVER learn: socialism NEVER works as long as the lazy can get paid the same, whether or not they work. From that, they built a nation that has outstripped, in less than 300 years, other nations that have been around for thousands of years, and had become the "destination of choice" for those who want to better themselves.. (Just common sense)

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