Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Obama's Extravagant Vacations

Barack Obama (and his wife) have probably taken more vacations than any president in the history of this country. They have certainly spent more MONEY than any of them. What makes them think they can take so many vacations at our expense? Because they're "better than us," and are "entitled," of course. Michelle takes over entire floors of hotels wherever she goes. she claims it's because she has such a large staff. But does she NEED this large a staff with her? Probably not. She's only the "First Lady." She's NOT an "important government employee," as is her husband. He SAYS he reimburses us for the expense. And he may even do so. Paying the hotel bills himself. But what about the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent for his (and her) "security?" Expenses for which we are NOT "reimbursed." In any case, i haven't seen any PROOF he reimbursed ANYTHING. We have only his word, and you know how much that means. (The Patriot Post)

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