Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fact-Checking "Fact-Checkers"

Conservatives ask a good question, since all the "fact-checkers" nominated by the liberals have strong liberal credentials. So who's going to "fact-check" the fact-checkers? So far, they have only looked at CONSERVATIVE or otherwise NON-liberal news sources for their "fake news" witch hunt. And they're not likely to look anywhere else, since liberal news sources are the worst offenders when it comes to "fake news." Some of the "fact-checkers" themselves are guilty, as well. The whole thing is an effort to "muzzle" non-liberal news and shut us up. And many fools who "pride themselves" on paying no attention to politics will believe their damned fool crap. It's a blatant attempt to put political controls on the media, in violation of the first Amendment to the Constitution. (Freedom's Phoenix)

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