Thursday, December 29, 2016

Stop Funding the UN!

People are asking, "Should we stop funding the UN?" But the question is unnecessary. We should have stopped funding the UN years ago. They have caused more trouble than they have solved. They have meddled in the private affairs of many nations. This most recent meddling in the private affairs of Israel is not the first time they have stuck their nose into a country's PRIVATE business. They want to IMPOSE a "two state solution," which will do nothing to stop a war from coming, between two antagonists who have been fighting for centuries. Palestinians have been terrorizing Israelis for hundreds of years. One way is their DAILY rocket bombing of Israeli neighborhoods, putting entire families, including CHILDREN in grave danger. And the UN wants them to succeed in their ambitions? That's short-sighted and IGNORANT. Something cooked up by a bunch of totalitarian governments who have no business telling the only democracy in the Middle East what to do. (Patriot Tribune)

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