Saturday, December 3, 2016

"So Why Bother?"

The anti-gun fools say that we think, since their gun laws don't work because criminals don't obey them, "Why bother?" Which shows their incredible STUPIDITY. The same stupidity evident in their laws, period. We don't say, "Why bother?" We say, "Make some laws that actually DO something to keep criminals from having "the upper hand" with their ILLEGAL guns! Of course, they're too stupid to understand that. They just attribute their own stupidity to us, and keep right on making their USELESS laws that not only do NOTHING to "stem gun violence," they actually PROMOTE it, by DISARMING honest, law-abiding people, making them "easy targets " for criminals and their ILLEGAL GUNS. We say, "Make laws that make use of a gun in committing a crime add a SIGNIFICANT amount of time to their sentences, and PREVENTING cops from "waiving" gun charges to get convictions in other crimes, as they do now. We say, "Make laws that allow honest, law-abiding people to have guns to use in self defense against these criminals and their ILLEGAL guns." We say "Make laws that make a felon just HAVING a gun a SERIOUS offense, not the minor one it is, now," and make that law enforcement MANDATORY, not a 'bargaining chip'." But that's something they just can't understand, with their obviously feeble minds. (Adirondak Daily Enterprise)

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