Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Just Fire Him

Christopher Suprun, a Republican elector in the Elector College, says he will NOT vote for Trump, and exhorts other electors to join him. The only way that can do anything to affect the vote for the new president is the LACK of a requirement for SOME electors to vote for the candidate their state supported. That's WRONG! Electors should be REQUIRED to vote the way their state went. Otherwise, a president can be elected, or not elected, by the votes of a few individuals, not the votes of a majority of the states of the union. If this guy says he will not vote the way his state went, he should be removed, and replaced with a person willing to follow the rules. Then ALL "electors" should be REQUIRED to vote as their state dictates in the future. Trump was elected the same way we have ALWAYS elected a president. Obama once lost the popular vote, but no liberal said a word. Why now? We know the answer to that: they LOST (DC Clothesline)

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