Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Radical Agenda?

The anti-gun fools say that NRA is pushing an "increasingly radial agenda." Radical to WHOM? If they think it's radical, NRA must be doing something right. It's not radical to support retaining our constitutional right to be armed in self defense, anti-gun fools notwithstanding. They're using an anomaly about an ACCIDENTAL shooting at a gun show to "knock" gun shows, everywhere. Yes, a vendor DID accidentally shoot somebody (Not seriously) while demonstrating a gun. But that sort of thing is NOT common, as anti-gun fools allege. In fact, it's more likely to happen when an anti-gun fool tries to be "hip" while holding a gun with his finger on the trigger in a crowded room, as Sen. Feinstein (a BIG anti-gun fool) once did at an anti-gun meeting, while everybody there cringed, fearing for their lives, as this untrained fool endangered them all. Everything this idiot writer calls "radical" is common sense. But this writer isn't intelligent enough to know it. This writer says the "gun lobby" has "marginalized itself." In actuality, it is the ANTI-gun lobby that IS "marginal." But they aren't smart enough to know it. (Athens Banner Herald)

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