Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Democrats Are Failing

But they just refuse to see it. which means they're going to continue to fail for a long time--and that's a good thing. Keep on being blind, Democrats! They're failing because their leaders refuse to admit they were WRONG. They blame everything else but themselves, and it is THEY who caused them to lose so badly. It's not the FBI Director reopening the e-mail "investigation," it's NOT Fox News reporting the TRUTH about them. It's not the nasty things the non-left wing media said about them. It was their POLICIES and their "heavy handedness" in ENFORCING those policies! It's MEN in women's restrooms and changing rooms if they SAY they "identify" as a woman. It's "gay marriage." It's THOUSANDS of illegal aliens AND Islamic terrorists allowed in without any kind of "vetting." It's spending more money than there IS! And more money than ALL former presidents, PUT TOGETHER! It's raising the national debt to almost $20 TRILLION dollars! These, and many more stupid actions are responsible, and, in spite of the DELUSION that he could have beaten Trump if he could have "articulated my progressive policies," Obama could NOT have won. He DID "articulate his progressive policies," and his protege, Hillary, LOST! BIG! A worse loss than any Democrat in recent history! From a position of one who couldn't lose! In spite of ALL the cheating, vote-stealing, illegal aliens, felons, and Islamic terrorists voting! None of their "dirty tricks" worked, because the American people were FED UP with their "progressive policies" and wanted them OUT! (Breitbart)

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