Thursday, December 22, 2016

Trump Derangement Syndrome

We need to be offering "counseling" for those who are so deranged by the election of Donald Trump that they do crazy things, like accosting Ivana Trump on an airplane and screaming things like, "Your father is ruining this country!" When what he plans to do is REVERSE what OBAMA did to ruin this country. What Obama did was real. Trump "ruining the country" is only in the IMAGINATION of those fools, fueled by the lies put out by the Democrats (liberals). who are demonstrating "sour grapes" that they lost an election they thought they had "fixed" for a Hillary win. They just can't handle the fact that all their chicanery, all their "dirty tricks," all their phony articles about Trump, not only didn't win, they failed miserably. They thought they couldn't lose, but Trump "beat them like a drum," and it has made them crazy. REAL crazy! (NY Post)

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