Friday, December 23, 2016

Intentionally Causing Trouble

Obama is a "left-wing crazy" who conned his way into the presidency, and he is proving it (again) daily, by his last-minute actions, all designed to make trouble for Trump when he takes the oath and becomes president, in fact. They include a last minute release of more Islamic terrorists from GITMO, a new ban on offshore drilling, importing more and more "Syrian refugees" who are really Islamic terrorists, allowing even more illegal aliens to enter, last-minute onerous "regulations" on the coal industry, releasing hundreds of gun-toting criminals from prison on specious grounds, and many more things. Add to that, screwing Israel in the UN. As Trump goes about reversing all the things he can, that will give liberal PAID demonstrators the excuse to cause more trouble. and cause Trump to take unnecessary time to deal with them. All this while this mealy-mouthed damned fool CLAIMS to be "cooperating" with Trump in his transition and doing everything he can do to help. (Conservative Daily News)

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