Tuesday, December 13, 2016

END Gun-Free Zones

That's what Donald Trump needs to do, and what he has PROMISED to do. Gun-free zones serve NO useful purpose. What they do is create spaces where would-be shooters can be pretty sure there won't be anybody there to oppose them when they bring their guns in to kill people. EVERY mass shooting so far has been in a "gun-free zone." But will the anti-gun fools see sweet reason and get rid of them? Not a chance. They aren't intelligent enough. The very fact that they think they can eliminate guns from America with a law shows their ignorance. That, and the fact that they will not hear of the common sense solutions to gun violence, like allowing their potential victims to be armed in self defense. They have their minds made up, and we can't confuse them with facts. The only "facts" they recognize are the ones they put out, which are uniformly LIES. (Bullets First)

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