Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Attacking the Electoral College

The Democrats have no shame! In their efforts to "overturn" the election results, they are attacking the very FOUNDATIONS of our republican form of government--the Electoral College. Not the College, itself, but the electors, who have had death threats if they voted for Trump. They're now saying that 20 electors will refuse to vote for Trump, maybe sending it to the House. The Electoral College is how we've elected presidents from the very beginning, and why SOME states do not REQUIRE electors to vote the way their state went is a very big mistake, and "paves the way" for a "bloodless (we hope) coup in electing a president. If this election goes to the House and Trump is not confirmed, it will have BEEN a "coup." He won, fair and square, according to our laws. And if the Electoral College takes it way from him, it will be THEFT of the highest office in the land, perpetrated by Democrats, to retain their power. (Syracuse Media Group)

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