Thursday, December 8, 2016

Real "Fake News"

The liberals are now on a tear, fighting what they call, "fake news," while at the same time their "standard bearer" is putting out his OWN "fake news." He tells us that unemployment is only 4.7%. which is a bunch of stinky brown stuff, that I will not name. There are close to 100 MILLION workers OUT OF WORK, and who have lost any belief they will EVER find a job, again, so have left the job market. Obama doesn't count those people in his figures. That's how he arrives at this phony statistic. That's not the only place he issues "fake news." The number of places is so numerous, I can't name them all, here. But one major one is when he tells us the economy is "going great guns," when it is NOT. He uses phony numbers to :"back up" his false statements. I used to think Bill Clinton was bad when it came to lying. But Obama has far surpassed him in the "lying game." He is the worst liar ever to occupy the Oval Office. (Federal Reserve St. Louis)

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