Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Milwaukee Police Chief Lies

He's an anti-gun fool, so why is anybody surprised? He says he "can tell us anecdotally, that there are many shootings involving concealed carriers--and many of them are career criminals."Which means he has NO facts to back it up. And Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke "calls him" on it, saying, "He's a lying bast-rd." In Wisconsin, as in all other states, people with criminal records can't GET a concealed carry permit, unless they LIE on their application and are not caught--which might be a factor in the City of Milwaukee with such a police chief. Anti-gun fools, which this police chief obviously is, COMMONLY lie when it comes to "gun violence." They hope to use their lies to con people into agreeing to "give up their guns," while those who don't care about obeying laws keep their guns and are able to more easily victimize gullible law-abiding people who do obey even STUPID laws. (Ammoland)

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