Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Anti-Gun Hysteria

In opposition to common sense, anti-gun fools think if you carry a gun, you'll be more likely to shoot yourself than a "bad guy." Of course, this is not backed up by scientific knowledge, but they swear by it as if it were. They think a guy WITHOUT a gun can defend himself against a gun-wielding thug by throwing a laptop computer at him. Even a soldier giving a talk about how soldiers can defend themselves in civilian life thinks that, while HE carries a gun off-base, all the time, and wouldn't be without it. That shows that, not even he believes that claptrap he seems FORCED to spread. REAL science shows that people who are armed are safer than those who are not, in spite of what is taught by anti-gun fools, who, in actuality, know NOTHING about guns, and their use. They only think what they're taught by other anti-gun fools. (National Review)

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