Thursday, December 29, 2016

Waiting Periods Kill

People often buy guns in response to a real threat to their lives. They can't afford to wait to get their guns. It might be the death of them. I remember one case in Denver where a woman tried to buy a gun after being threatened. She was FORCED to suffer a waiting period and, during that waiting period, her threatener came to kill her. Fortunately, she had ILLEGALLY bought a gun in the meantime, and killed him. She got in trouble for having that gun, but at least, she's still alive. Others, who OBEYED the law, weren't so lucky, They're dead. I guess she feared arrest less than DEATH. Anti-gun fools who insist on PASSING laws requiring waiting periods have the blood of those killed during that waiting period on their hands, along with the legislators who are incredibly STUPID enough to pass them. (Dana Loesch)

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