Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ohio Getting Smart

After the OSU knife and car attack, Ohio lawmakers have gotten smart, to the HORROR of the anti-gun fools, who want all the guns on campus to be in the hands of people who ILLEGALLY own them and probably wish people ill. Those lawmakers see law-abiding people as a "bulwark" against those illegal gun owners. Anti-gun fools see them as people who will "go nuts" and shoot each other over trifles like running into them in the halls, or over fender bender. They have no faith in the responsibility factor in law-abiding people They don't know, or IGNORE the fact that there are ALREADY many concealed guns on campus, in the hands of people who don't OBEY their fool "gun laws," and allowing law-biding folks to have their own guns only "levels the playing field." They say allowing people to lawfully carry guns will INCREASE "gun violence," and they're right--in way. It will cause a TEMPORARY increase in gun deaths on campus as law-abiding gun owners kill the LAWLESS gun owners who try to victimize them. When all those people are dead, "gun violence" will predictably go down. Let's just hope Governor Kasick is as intelligent as the lawmakers and doesn't veto the bill. (Breitbart)

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