Sunday, December 18, 2016

Trump Is Wrong

I like Donald Trump. I think he is right in most things, and will truly cut the cost of government. But he is wrong about the cost of the new airplanes for Air Force One. There is a GOOD reason for them to be more expensive than most airplanes. They have to include features--EXPENSIVE features, such as the one that makes them IMPERVIOUS to nuclear bomb blasts, plus all the expensive communications gear that is required while a president is in board. They have to have features that will allow a president's plane to remain airborne for MONTHS, if necessary, and as long as there are still tankers available. There are many other expensive features required. and that causes the price to rise significantly. I'm not above criticizing Trump if he's wrong, and I don't expect him to be wrong in many areas. But he is, here. I salute his effort to reduce costs, but I think it's misguided, here. (NY Times)

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