Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tjhe Global Warming Swindle

AlGore started it, and it made him a billionaire. He even started his own cable TV outlet financed by his global warming swindle, which he sold to the Arabs for another few $billion. Now Obama has taken it up, and has also profited handsomely. Phony EPA "regulations" have cost individuals $3,080.00 per person. How much of that goes into Obama's pocket is anybody's guess. But I'd "bet the farm" that he is using it to his personal advantage. He knows his time as president is short, and I'd bet he has it set up to profit from it. There's no other reason for him to take it up. He KNOWS global warming is phony scam, if he's in any way intelligent--and he IS intelligent, even if he does stupid things. So you can bet there's something in it for him. (Washington Examiner)

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