Thursday, December 15, 2016

Going On Offense

Donald Trump has signaled the fact that he is fully in favor of gun rights. So the pro-gun people are "going on the offense" in their efforts to combat the forces wishing to eliminate that constitutional right. One of their first targets is "no gun zones." These zones not only do NOTHING to limit gun violence, they PROMOTE it by keeping law-abiding people DISARMED in the face of the illegal guns already in existence, in the hands of people who wish us ill, and don't care about their foolish laws. Even the "bad guys" admit that they SEEK OUT gun free zones in which to do their shooting. They're also going to work on easing requirements for passing background checks, and making sure concealed carry is recognized from state to state and would be treated the same way as driver's licenses. It's a known fact that the major enemy of the right to self defense and to be armed, in order to accomplish it, are the Democrats, and you can expect stiff opposition to the efforts of Republicans to retain that right. Democrats want us to be DEFENSELESS, and they must be STOPPED, at all costs. (The Gun Writer)

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