Monday, December 5, 2016

Hillary Wins!

At least, that's what Newsweek (Newsweak) thought, right up to the time election results were posted. They already had an entire issue, printed up, boxed and ready to ship, when they got the "bad news." We laughed like hell when newspapers came out with a phony headline, "Dewey Wins!" way back when. (Yes, I remember it. I won a five dollar bet with my father that Truman would win. I was FIVE.) This is even funnier. Consider how much money they spent getting this issue ready, and how much money it took to reprint it with a true headline, "Trump Wins!" I giggle at the thought of all the crying, whining, and gnashing of teeth there was in their newsroom. When liberals are so obviously wrong (which happens often), it's a source of much laughter among human beings. This story is a good indication that they figured "the fix was really in" and Hillary was to be "coronated" after the election. But it was not to be, and the noise of liberals crying was heard throughout the land. (DC Clothesline)

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