Wednesday, March 1, 2017

GOP Opposing Border Wall?

Now the RINOS in the Republican Party come out and "run up their colors." They're now OPPOSING Trump's signature promise, the "border wall" at our southern border. They're questioning the COST. They want to know how he is going to PAY the $12 to $15 billion it will cost to build it. Meanwhile, not a peep out of them when Obama GAVE hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars, in the "dead of night," to Iran. Trump has clearly said he will MAKE Mexico pay for the wall, in one way or another, if it means withholding the payment of every cent we were scheduled to give to the Mexican government, until it's paid for. But they don't believe that. They think, like the Democrats, that this promise is not true.

Maybe they haven't yet learned that, when Trump says he will do something, he DOES it. Hopefully, in FOUR YEARS of Trump doing just that, they will come to realize that. Of course, the "physical wall" is just part of it, since such a wall is USELESS without monitoring. And that WILL be provided, unlike what happens with Obama's promises. I want to know one thing: why did we hear not a peep out of these people when Obama GAVE AWAY billions of dollars, and then they get all "concerned" about where Trump is going to get the money to pay for his wall? Maybe they need to ask Obama where he got all those billions he "threw around" in his 8 years (and not just on Iran), and HOPE he will tell them the truth. He doesn't have a very good record on telling the truth, however, (News Max)

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