Saturday, March 4, 2017

Organized Crime: The Feds

It's a simple swindle to extort millions, sometimes billions from large corporations. It's easy, really, when you hold all the cards. The government picks a victim. They phony up some kind of a “violation,” usually based on a subjective definition of the “rules” and announce a multi-million dollar (sometimes a multi-BILLION dollar) fine. Everybody thinks that money goes into the general fund. Not a chance. They then (quietly, without fanfare) go to that victim corporation and tell them they can get away for maybe HALF that outlandish fine by making a “donation” to one of their designated “non-profit” organizations, to which that victim RUSHES to make out a check, thus completing the extortion of that “victim” for the benefit of their “non-profit." Often, the money thus gained by the feds goes into paying those ubiquitous “demonstrators” that promote liberal positions. The mob would be proud! The “protection racket” the feds are running is VERY profitable! (iPatriot)

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