Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Obama Gun Grab Dumped

One of the things Obama did was to attempt to strip the Second Amendment right from elderly people who ask for others to handle their finances. He translated this into a means to take their guns away, even though just asking for help with their finances do NOT cause them to be "mentally unstable," as Obama's new rule suggested. That this is an OBVIOUS unconstitutional act goes without saying, and it should not have taken a LAW to undo this outrage. But thankfully, there is now one, if President Trump signs it, now that the House has passed it--which is what it will take. Anybody want to take a bet on whether or not he will sign it? Under Obama's rule, all it took for their constitutional right to be denied was approval of an unelected bureaucrat. And it required a long and expensive appeal process for it to be reversed--something a person in the "evening of their life" can ill afford, as a rule. This Obama rule was "elder abuse." But I guess he figured that he abused everybody else, so why not them? [Update: Trump has dispensed with it.] (Washington Examiner)

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