Monday, March 20, 2017

Elites Terrified of Trump

Trump promised to “drain the swamp in DC” and that's exactly what he's doing—and it scares the panties off the “elites” in Washington, who see the possibility of their little fiefdoms being dismantled. So they invented the “Russian connection” as a scam to discredit Trump as president, even though he beat the pants off them in the election. They want him to get off this “drain the swamp” thing and govern the way THEY tell him to govern, or they'll come up with something to use to impeach him. What they're saying is, “Knuckle under or you're fired!” I predict that trump will “give them the finger” and go right on “draining the swamp,” and as each one “goes down in flames,” the others will huff and puff and try to blow his house down—and will fail. If they DON'T fail, we're lost. We will soon be a socialist nation, much like the communist nation Russia used to be. Communism and socialism are close cousins. Both are BASED on the THEFT of the products of human industry from those who are willing to WORK to support themselves, to give, UNEARNED, to those who don't, or WON'T. It's a system that WILL ultimately fail in time, as it always has. Russia is one of the latest examples, as communism failed and was replaced by socialism, Which will fail in it's own time. But they'll “go down fighting” as will the elites in this country. (Just common sense)

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