Thursday, March 23, 2017

"No Evidence to Support"

That's a favorite statement for liberals. They say, "There's no evidence to support" this, and "no evidence to support" that, when there IS, and they ignore it, so they can say that. Such is the case here, where they say "There's no evidence to support the theory that a 'good guy with a gun in the crowd' can stop a BAD guy with a gun," while there IS evidence it is true. MASSIVE amounts of it, which they roundly IGNORE, while spouting their lies. They still think that, if the average person were allowed to carry a gun legally, they'd "go insane" and kill somebody over a trifle, like a fender-bender or an argument over a parking space. They discount all the MILLIONS of guns there are already out there in the hands pf gang members, who do, and others, who are simply criminals. In a church in Colorado Springs, CO, an armed worshiper they CALLED a "security guard DID stop such a mass shooting, before the shooter could kill more than two. And there are uncountable such instances, which they ignore. (WTSP TV)

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