Friday, March 17, 2017

Extreme Vetting for Gun Buyers

Again, the incompetent leaders in Chicago want to make yet another law, on top of those already in effect, that will not do ANYTHING to reduce the gun violence they seem to be so worried about. Using a play on Trump's words, they want to create an "extreme vetting" program for legal gun buyers. forget the fact that they already have that, in CURRENT laws. Just try and buy a gun LEGALLY without "extreme vetting." Of course, this completely IGNORES the fact that neither the current law NOR the new one proposed will affect ILLEGAL gun buyers, in the least. Illegal gun buyers don't subject themselves to "vetting."Can anybody show me a gang member who bought his gun legally? Gang wars over trivial things like the wrong person being in a gang's "turf." And they continue unabated. No "crackdown" on gangs is planned, and that's what they need. Meanwhile, they concentrate on people who OBEY the law. I had a Chicago Tribune story about this, but I couldn't get past their "anti-ad blocker" notice. If you don't have an ad blocker, maybe you'll have better luck. (Chicago Tribune)

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