Monday, March 6, 2017

The Violent Ones

The Democrats like to blame Republicans (and Trump) for the violence that sometimes takes place at Trump rallies. But the blame is not his. It is theirs. They actually PAY thugs to create violence at Trump rallies, so they can blame one of Trump's statements for it. One time he quipped about “punching somebody in the mouth,” and they seized upon that to blame him for every incidence of violence THEY paid for. In another recent demonstration at Berkeley, California (Berkeley?) the cops had to intervene to keep demonstrators from getting violent with other demonstrators, who were on Trump's side. Schools SUSPEND students who demonstrate a preference for Trump. And then there are the FOUR Democrat supporters who beat the hell out of a Trump supporter and even VIDEOTAPED it and put it on the Internet (Dumb!). Democrat supporters recently beat up an old man because he was a Trump supporter. It is the DEMOCRATS who are “the violent ones,” without a doubt, if you pay attention to what's REALLY happening. (DC Clothesline)

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