Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's In It for Trump?

Democrats keep saying things like, “Trump is on a rampage to destroy the planet!” Hee, hee, har, har! What a good belly laugh that is! What the hell is inthat for Trump, OR the Republican Party, which they include in their deluded screaming? They don't think they are just too DUMB to do it, they think they are doing it ON PURPOSE. But what's in it for them to destroy the planet? It's lack of logic (which they think doesn't exist, anyway) like this that leads to confusion over just what is real. Things like their contention that, “The rich stole their riches from the poor.”

How is that possible, if the poor have nothing to steal? If they HAVE something to steal, then they're not poor, are they? What a bunch of boobs the Democrats are if they really believe these things! But they don't. They just want US to believe them. They do believe we're dumb enough to believe them. And if we demonstrate LACK of belief in their pipe dreams, they just call us names, since they have no other logical arguments. They say the GOP is happy to destroy the country if it gives them political advantage. But what the hell GOOD is political advantage if the country is destroyed? (Alternet)

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