Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Only Whites Are Racist"

The University of California, Davis, says that blacks can't be racist, thus proving their colossal IGNORANCE. Blacks certainly CAN be racist! Not against blacks, because that would be really stupid. But against WHITES. And that's the kind of racism PROMOTED by Barack Obama, and the “Black Lives Matter” crowd. It's being promoted by blacks wanting to discredit all cops and destroy their effectiveness, because so many of them are criminals (not all, of course, THAT would be racist). A certain percentage of blacks (and even some whites) have taken up Obama's promotion, working HARD to “prove” that ALL whites are racists, which is also racist, on their part. They say blacks can't be racist because they don't have the power. But that's wrong. They're gaining power every day, through rioting, demonstrating, and LYING about cops “hunting blacks to shoot,” which is supremely stupid. It's the new kind of racism, and they're promoting hell out of it. (Daily Caller)

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