Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Wrong Approach

Some people say the “High Five Days” program started by the Northampton, Mass. Cops to teach kids that cops can be friends, and are “normal people” in addition to their jobs to keep order should be ended because it takes cops off the streets. But cops can be well used to befriend kids, which can KEEP them from becoming criminals. That stops crimes BEFORE they are committed. That's just as important as catching criminals AFTER they've committed a crime. It's “preventative policing.” But some people are too dumb to realize that. Keeping cops in their patrol cars, on the street, is good policing. But PREVENTING crime is good policing, too, and is time well invested. Kids who are taught to distrust and dislike cops are much more likely to BECOME criminals. And this program is designed to prevent that. (Freedom's Phoenix)

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