Thursday, March 16, 2017

Short-Sighted Action

The "authorities" went through a complicated series of actions after a "concealed carrier" came to the defense of a cop who was in danger of being murdered by a damned fool motorist, He came upon the scene while the "bad guy" was "beating the hell" out of the cop, had taken his gun, and was about to kill him. Whereupon this hero warned him, and when he did not stop, "put three" into him, killing him. He was then forced to suffer through a hearing to "clear him" against charges for killing that fool. He also was disarmed, by having his gun taken away, as "evidence." Like he was going to "take the gun and run." So a local gun store made him a GIFT of another gun to replace it. The facts of the case should have made both actions unnecessary. But not for bureaucrats. They must have "all the "Is dotted" and "Ts crossed," and all the paperwork in place. In a world where "black men" are commonly shot by other black men, this black man came to the rescue of a white cop, by shooting another black man in the act of killing that cop. Unlike in Ferguson, MO, where a cop doing a righteous killing was vilified and made out to be the "bad guy" by a very vocal minority, this case caused little outcry. (Bearing Arms)

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