Tuesday, March 7, 2017

"B-tch-Slapped" In the Senate

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren was told to "sit down and shut up" in the Senate because she clearly violated "rule 19" when she attempted to read something Coretta Scott King wrote years ago to the Senate. She's now whining on Facebook about it, as if she had no idea she was breaking the rules. Of course, rules mean NOTHING to Democrats, and usually they get away with violating them because nobody usually wants to "take the steps necessary" to "call them out." She was surprised by a newly emboldened Republican Party that actually "called her" on her violation. Republicans are getting very tired of Democrats blocking every move they make that they can. Democrats loved to call Republicans "the party of no" when Obama was president, and now Democrats are REALLY "the party of no," opposing everything Republicans do, even if it's something Democrats would normally like. (Just common sense)

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