Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Blind Sheikh" Dead

Omar Abdel Rahman, known as "The Blind Sheikh," because he WAS blind, died in prison the other day, after a long battle with diabetes and other ailments often found in "senior citizens." He was 78. He was the "mastermind" behind the first World Trade Center bombing that only killed six, but injured thousands. Such should be the fate of ALL Islamic terrorists who want to kill lots of "non-believers" for no other reason but that they don't believe in his phony "religion." Islamic terrorists will regard him as a "martyr," and will no doubt use his death behind bars as yet another excuse to kill some more "unbelievers." There's nothing wrong with that, except for the deaths and injuries caused by his "followers." We need to create as many martyrs as we can. That's all they're good for. Throw his body in the dumpster outside the prison. That will show him the "respect" he has "earned." His family, supporters, and an Egyptian Human Rights organization were demanding he be released, and returned to Egypt, due to his deteriorating health, as was a terrorist involved in an airline bombing in Lockerbie, Scotland, who was feted and treated as a hero upon returning to Libya. They called is "compassionate release." But neither deserved it. He deserved to die in prison for his sins, and he did. The Lockerbie murderer was said to have only 3 months to live, but lived another two years, in freedom, treated as a hero when he was scum of the Earth. (NY Times)

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